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The Dessert Bites Table consists in a variety of bite-sized desserts that are usually arranged in stands on the cake table or a separate one. The guests can sample different flavors of chocolates, mini tartes, truffles, mini verrines and brigadeiros and it also becomes part of the decoration of the table, with all the different flavors and shapes. Most wedding receptions in Brazil do that and everyone gets really impressed and delighted. It's also fun for the guests to try all the different treats and not just one dessert.

We also have wedding favors and wedding cakes, which can be found by the end of this section.

Contact us for more details and pricing. We will be happy to work with you to find the best options for your event to be a success!

Wedding Dessert Table Menus

(Minimum 15 pieces of each flavor)

*contact us for full menu with prices*

Option 1: Dessert Bites Table


Chocolate base dessert bites:

Tiramissu Cup (chocolate, coffee, hazelnut liqueur, mascarpone, dulce de leche)

Hazelnut Truffle Cup (chocolate, creamy gianduia, golden dust)

Nutella Cup (chocolate cup, Nutella, mixed nuts)

Cherry Truffle Cup (cocoa dusted chocolate cup, brigadeiro filling, cherry)

Capuccino Mug (chocolate mug, coffee ganache, toasted mini marshmallow)

White Chocolate and Blackberry Tarte (white chocolate tarte, blackberry)

Lemon Pistachio Cup (white chocolate cup, lemon and white chocolate ganache, pistachios)

Walnut Dripping (walnuts brigadeiro, dripping fondant, sugar flower)

Physalis (dark chocolate cup, white chocolate and orange filling, golden berry)

Banana Meringue Cup (semisweet chocolate, caramelized banana, pastry cream , toasted meringue)

Blackberry Cup (semisweet chocolate, ganache, fresh blackberry)

Coconut (white chocolate cup, coconut filling, golden coconut flakes)

Key Lime Meringue Tower (white chocolate, cookies and lime filling, toasted meringue)

Mousse Tower (semisweet chocolate, chocolate mousse)

Salted Caramel Sphere (chocolate sphere, salted caramel filling)

Mini wedding Cake (mini wedding cake shaped chocolate, brownie and Nutella filling)


Hand painted chocolate truflles:

Nutella Crunch (Nutella filling, rice crisps crunch)

Dulce de Leche & Sea Salt

Peanut & Caramel (dark chocolate, peanuts and caramel filling)

Cherry & Bailey’s (dark chocolate, Bailey’s ganache and cherry filling)

Cacao (dark chocolate, ganache, caramelized cocoa nibs)

Coffee and Orange (dark chocolate, coffee, candied orange)

Bourbon Salted Caramel (semisweet chocolate, caramel, sea salt flakes, Bourbon)

Salted Caramel (semisweet chocolate, caramel, sea salt flakes)

Spéculoos  (white chocolate, speculoos cookie bits)

Lavender (white chocolate, coconut, lavender, toasted almonds)

Cranberry & Almonds with White Chocolate

Caipirinha (white chocolate, lime, cachaça)

Malibu (coconut, white chocolate, Malibu)

Brigadeiro (dark chocolate, creamy brigadeiro filling)


Rolled Truffles:

Semi sweet (semisweet chocolate truffle chocolate dipped in chocolate and cocoa powder)

Grand Marnier (semisweet chocolate and orange liqueur truffle dipped in chocolate and cocoa powder)

Praline (Cointreau, orange and almond praline truffle dipped in chocolate and cocoa powder)

Bourbon Pecan (semisweet chocolate truffle with chopped pecans and Bourbon, dipped in chocolate and cocoa powder)

Lavender (lemon, lavender and white chocolate truffle dipped in white chocolate and powdered sugar)

Cookies and cream (white chocolate and oreo truffle dipped in white chocolate and cocoa powder)

Malibu (white chocolate, Malibu and coconut truffle dipped in white chocolate and coconut flakes)



Cake bites:

Coconut (soft coconut macaroon, coconut fudge decorated with lace, sugar flower or coconut rose on top)

Honey spice (spiced honey cake covered in chocolate with piped dulce de leche)

Chocolate and Coconut mini roll cakes

Brownie Sandwich (chocolate brigadeiro filling)

Lemon Brownie sandwich (lemon brigadeiro filling)

Brownie with Peanut Butter and Dulce de Leche (round with chocolate decoration)


Mini tartes / pies:

Key Lime Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Apple & Almond Pie (flaky pie dough, apples, almond cream, silvered almonds)

Blueberry Crumble (pastry cream, blueberries, crumble)

Strawberry & Cream Tart (pastry cream, fresh strawberries)

Gianduia Tart (chocolate crust, chocolate and hazelnut filling)

Banofee Pie (cinnamon crust, dulce de leche, banana, whipping cream)

Chocolate and Lime Tart (chocolate ganache, lime filling, chocolate shavings)

Berry Medley Tart (white chocolate ganache, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry)

Strawberries and Nutella (chocolate crust, Nutella, fresh strawberries)


Mini verrines:

Berry Medley Cheesecake (mixed berries, cookie crumbs, cheesecake filling, lemon zests)

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (walnut and cookie crumbs, dulce de leche, cheesecake filling)

Banana Pudding (caramelized banana, dulce de leche, pastry cream, cinnamon cookie crumbs, whipped cream, pecan tuile)

Dulce de Leche Tiramissu (coffee, hazelnut liqueur, cocoa, mascarpone, dulce de leche)

Limoncello Tiramisu (mascarpone cream, blueberries, whipped cream, chocolate shavings)

Mousse (chocolate mousse with one of the options: toasted almonds / gianduia / apricot jam / orange zests / almonds praline)

Brigadeiro & Nutella (dark chocolate cake, brigadeiro, Nutella, hazelnut crunch)


Original (chocolate paillettes)

Nut Crust (Pistachio / Almonds / Pecan / Cashew nuts / Brazil nuts / Paçoca (peanuts))

Toasted Coconut


Gianduia (Nuttela filling, hazelnut pieces) 

Grand Marnier (dark chocolate with orange zests and orange liqueur, feuilletine)

Pistache (all pistachio brigadeiro covered with pistachios)

Banana (chocolate and banana brigadeiro, white chocolate covered cinnamon cookie)

Surprise macadamia (whole macadamia inside, golden chocolate flakes)

Lemon (lemon brigadeiro, cookie crust)

Cookies and cream (white chocolate brigadeiro, Oreo crumbs)

Capuccino (coffee and chocolate brigadeiro, non pareils, piped brigadeiro and toasted marshmallow)

Cocadinha (coconut brigadeiro, piped brigadeiro, coconut slice)

Paglia italiana (chocolate brigadeiro and cookie bits)

PB (peanut butter filling, salt and sweet peanut crust)

Chocolate shell filled with soft brigadeiro and salted caramel

Churro (cinnamon brigadeiro, dulce de leche)

Brigadeiro in Chocolate Spoon

Brigadeiro inside chocolate cup


Rustic chocolate bars:

Nutty (Semisweet, white or milk chocolate with nuts and dried fruits)

Gianduia (Semisweet chocolate with whole hazelnuts and gianduia)

Salted caramel (Milk chocolate with salted caramel)

Peanuts and caramel (Milk chocolate with roasted peanuts and salted caramel)

Spéculoos (White chocolate with spéculoos cookie bites)

Pistachio and Cocoa (semisweet chocolate with pistachios and cocoa nibs)


Salted caramel


Dark Chocolate


Banana and gianduia


Lavender vanilla

Romeo and Juliet (guava marmelade and cream cheese)

Chocolate with apricot

Passion fruit with milk chocolate

Fudge  squares:

Whole Nuts

Rocky road

Paglia Italiana (with cookie bites)

Hazelnut & Caramel

Mini Brownies

Ganache (Brownie with walnuts, piped chocolate ganache and golden sugar veil)

Almond (piped white chocolate ganache and silvered almonds)

Paçoca (covered with peanut brigadeiro and paçoca – golden chocolate heart decoration)


Dulce de leche (with almonds and sea salt)

Cocoa (dark chocolate Brownie, dark chocolate ganache, cocoa nibs)




Red velvet (cream cheese icing, red velvet cake, white chocolate, decoration)

Chocolate (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, covered in chocolate, decoration)

Paglia italiana (brigadeiro, cookie bites, covered in chocolate, decoration)

Peanut butter and chocolate (chocolate cake, peanut butter, covered in chocolate, decoration)

Mini cupcakes:

Key Lime Pie (lime cupcake, lime cream, toasted marshmallow)

Capuccino (coffee and chocolate, toasted mini marshmallow)

Mixed berries (with pastry cream)

Romeo and Juliet (guava marmelade and cream cheese)

Red Velvet (red velvet cupcake, cream cheese frosting)

Nutty for Chocolate (chocolate cupcake, mixed nuts praline, chocolate ganache)

Brigadeiro (chocolate cupcake, smooth brigadeiro)

Chocolate & Apricot Jam (chocolate cupcake, apricot Jam, dark chocolate ganache)

Chocolate & Orange (chocolate cupcake, dark chocolate and orange ganache, candied orange peel)

Hit-Hat (chocolate cupcake, chocolate ganache, chocolate covered marshmallow)

Churro (cinnamon cupcake, dulce de leche)

Blueberry & White Chocolate



Cookies and petit four:

* Cookie station *

Chocolate Chunk and Walnuts cookie

Peanut Butter & Chocolate cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies Filled with Nutella

Chocolate Brownie Cookie

Chocolate intense with whole almond

Financier (traditional / with truffle filling)

Madeleine (dipped in white chocolate and lemon zests)

Almond Rochers

Speculoos dipped in white chocolate and almonds

Mini Whole Nuts Biscotti dipped in chocolate

Mini Candied orange and almonds Biscotti dipped in chocolate

Mini Cranberry and walnuts Biscotti dipped in white chocolate

Mini Almond, Orange & Chocolate Florentines

Marveilleux (crispy meringue and whipped cream - coconut / pistachio / almonds)

Coconut macaron

Paglia italiana

Gluten free chocolate cookie

Brazil nuts and orange butter cookies

Cinnamon and candied orange cookies

Chocolate Crackle Cookies





Naked, Semi Naked or Buttercream Wedding Cakes

*See our SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES section for more details*

Wedding / Party favors

Mini Naked Wedding Cake decorated with icing and sugar flower inside glass dome (filling options: dulce de leche / lemon brigadeiro / chocolate brigadeiro / walnut)

Bem casado (super light mini almond cakes covered with sugar icing - dulce de leche or lemon) wrapped in tissue or paper and ribbon

Pão de mel (spiced honey cake covered in chocolate with dulce de leche or apricot jam filling) wrapped in tissue or paper and ribbon

MiniI brownies filled with dulce de leche

Chocolate Truffles

Butter Toffee Popcorn